I wrote these pieces to get to grips with scientific publishing.
Mostly they're interactive visualisations with some words to explain them.

What's this then?


It turns out that publishing, the essential scientific alternative to perishing, is not easy. Where should you publish? Should I (or one) write in first person? Is a joke an acceptable title? Is writing a blog a good use of my time? I want to try and answer these questions because it's interesting but really I just like finding things out using statistics.

Photo of Me

I am, you will be surprised to learn, a nerd. As such, I love a good graph me. I like complex colourful ideas that move. So here I will conduct small research projects on science. I'll do this using a few code languages for web scraping and analysis to make a lovely interactive graphic. All this to try and find the easiest way to publish my research. And because as I mentioned earlier; nerd.


Sometimes I make other stuff

Here are a couple of other infographics I've put together on random offtopics.
I was just interested and they make a nice picture.

Also Check out

Other Friendly sites

A bunch of other sites that I like for learning about publishing in science
I will admit that the denatured is just there to publicize it.

A blog to spread the biology love. At the moment we're looking for researchers to write about their work
A visualisation project to reveal the shape of science
A great way to see how journal and country research output has changed over time
Filled with basically all the data you could possibly want about research impact